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December 20, 2016

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How to add Sports Schedules to your Outlook Calendar

September 10, 2016




Starting with the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, Microsoft introduced a new feature to its Outlook Calendar application. Interesting Calendar is an add-on Bing calendar that you can add as an overlay to your calendar.

Currently the Bing calendars features sports from Australian Rules football to Tennis.  By adding the team schedules to your calendar, the team’s game schedule is shown your calendar as an overlay calendar. This means you can turn off the sport’s teams calendar and it will not affect your main Calendar (Just in case it gets too messy with all of the sports team you may add). 

It is not known at this time if this feature will expand to other events that may be of interested to you, such as concerts, parades or other local events; but this is something that is very possible with Bing’s technology backing this feature.  Outlook Calendar’s already have features (on by default) that can add “Events from email” to your calendar, such as flight travel information.

Here is the procedure for adding Outlook Interesting Calendar feature to your calendar.

NOTE: This feature is currently only available to users in North America and on the new


Procedure to Add team schedules


1.  Open your Calendar


2.  Click the “Add calendar” option on the command bar.


3.  Select the “Interesting calendar” option from the drop down menu.


4.  A Side bar menu will appear on the right-hand side of your screen.

Click on the “Sports” Option.


5a. Scrolling through the list of Sports, click on the sport you would like to follow.

  • Image below

5b. Depending on your selection, secondary menu to select the league will appear. For example, Football will bring up a secondary menu to select CFL, NCAA Football, or NFL teams.

5c.  Scroll through the list of teams and select (click on) the team or teams you would like to follow.

  • Image below

5d.  When completed, Click on the ‘X’ on the top corner of the side pop-up menu.

The team game schedules are now added to your calendar.


5a.  image                                                                                                                      5c. image











Managing Added Calendars

Now that you have the team calendars added, these steps help you manage your add-on calendar.


1.  Turning Calendars Off and On:

The simplest way to clear up your calendar view from displaying the add-on calendars is to quickly turn them off and on by clicking on the calendar name under the ‘My Calendar’ panel on the left-hand side of you screen.


  • By clicking on the calendar name, it will turn the viewing of that calendar off.

  • Click the calendar name again to turn it back on.

  • Highlight calendars are the actively viewed calendars.


2. Removing (deleting) Interesting Calendars:

For whatever your reason, you may want to remove a team from your Interesting calendar view completely. This can be done by using the ‘Manage” option in the Interesting calendar selection menu.


2a. Click the “Add calendar” option on the command bar and select Interesting calendar from the drop-down menu.


2b. Click the “Manage” option at the top of the Bing calendars menu.


2c. Click the “X” near the team names to remove that calendar from the “My Calendar” view.

Repeat for each team you would like to remove.


2d. Once you have completed removing teams, click the ‘X’ at the top of the selection menu to close and return to your calendar view.




A YouTube video demonstrating this process can be found on Mattos.Tech YouTube Channel here:






Publish Date:           September 10, 2016

Last review Date:    September 10, 2016

Doc Number:           HT0011512

Author:                     H.W. Mattos




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