December 20, 2016


SharePoint Online sites are great for organizations to share information with external users.  The issue with this is that Microsoft requires that a Microsoft Account is used to access SharePoint site.  This is not an issue if the external users have a Microsoft...

June 3, 2016

Starting from April 2016, Microsoft has introduced a new home page experience for office 365 users.  The new Office365 home page experiences is available to users who log into  Over the next few months, Microsoft will be redirecting users who connec...

March 14, 2016



The below procedure is to be used to copy documents from the on premise SharePoint document library to the online Office365 SharePoint document library.  By using the Windows Explorer features in both version of SharePoint, a user can drag-n-drop files between...

February 6, 2016



The below procedure is a step-by-step walk thru on how to create a subsite off of a parent team site for Office365’s SharePoint



From the Home page you want to add the subsite, get to the option to add subsite with one of the following options.

  1. If th...

January 29, 2016




Below are the steps to adding Office365 OneDrive and SharePoint Connected Services to the locally installed Office applications, such as Word.  This makes it easier to point to the online storage provided with an organization’s Office 365 subscription.  The in...

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